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march 2012

time is flying by

katie was born at 10:07pm on january 24.

it was a long, hard labor. by the time we checked into the hospital at 10am that morning, i was already having contractions 2 minutes apart, which didn't let up until i pushed her out 12 hours later. i did it with no drugs, though! jeff was an incredible coach (and is an incredible dad).

today, i took her for her 2 month appointment and first round of vaccinations. 2 months already! she's sort of dozing on the couch next to me while we watch COPs, which i'm thinking is well earned considering how many shots she got. poor little girl.

so...we had a girl. in spite of 90% of the people who made predictions swore up and down that we were having a boy, she surprised us. in a good way, of course, but it is still hard to believe that we have a little girl.

i guess it's just hard in general to believe we have a baby.

i'm still home from work. originally i was supposed to go back on april 2nd, but after discovering that i qualified for an additional six weeks of paid time off, i was able to extend that until the 17th.

the reality is, i'm not going back. at least, not full time. i gave my boss a proposal last week to reduce my duties and schedule down to 10 hours a week, either as an employee or as an independent contractor. he's supposed to get back to me this week. either they will go for it, or they won't. if they don't...katie will be my one and only boss, at least for a little while.

the nice thing is that we've basically worked out our budget to the point where any money that i might bring in would just go into savings and investments. that's as long as jeff stays employed, of course.

we can't believe how generous everyone was to us after katie was born. we have the best friends and family, bringing us food, clothes, and company.

we haven't even had to buy any diapers! we received a bunch of leftovers from friends who recently had a baby and a few boxes as gifts. other than the first 10 or so days when her umbilical cord stump was hanging around, we've been using cloth 100% of the time. it's added a few loads of laundry a week to the routine, but it has been super easy. in addition to how well it's held in poop and kept her diaper rash free, it feels good not throwing big bags of used diapers away week after week!

the other thing i've been getting into more has been babywearing! i received a moby before katie was born, which i wore her in starting with the day we got home from the hospital. we followed that up with a custom babyhawk mei tai. a friend invited me to a babywearing meeting a few weeks ago, and after trying out her carrier, i ended up splurging on a beautiful full buckle ocah (which you can see at the link, although i don't have the matching kid version...yet!). i went to another meeting yesterday and got some instruction on how to do a legs out carry using a borrowed woven wrap. once i try out a few more, i'll probably splurge on one for myself. it's an addiction, but seriously makes life so much easier!

we'll see how good i get about keeping this page updated. in addition to having the baby, we've been busy doing the normal, crazy things we always have done. swap meets. themed dinner nights. house projects. other people's babies. upcoming weddings. future roadtrips. trip to hawaii to look forward to, too!

a baby isn't going to slow us down. we are just making adjustments.

camilles (2:54pm, 3.27.12)

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